Suwannee Divide A Civil War Novel

Although Florida was the third state to secede from the United States, Floridians had divided loyalties during the Civil War Era. Throughout the war, Union sentiment remained so strong that the largest city remained under Federal control and many people changed sides as the war progressed. Slaves rose up to struggle and fight for their freedom. Suwannee Divide tells this little known history through the eyes of its diverse characters.

A beautiful, mulatto slave escapes from her abusive owner and falls in love with a runaway who is captured by the Union navy and recruited as a scout. A Unionist farmer is forced to enlist with the Second Florida Cavalry (Confederate) to avoid conscription. He must leave his wife, children and slaves behind to fend for themselves against marauders, soldiers and deserters.

Shortly before Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, black Union troops under the command of a white, glory-seeking general make a final assault on Tallahassee. Desperate Florida troops repulse the Federal invasion at the Battle of Natural Bridge to save the capital from destruction. The war rips apart the lives of friends, families and lovers. Above all, the will to survive prevails.